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A legendary herbal preparation is revived with modern science! [Soma herbal drink]

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A herbal drink created by scientifically verifying the legendary herbal preparation "Soma" that has been passed down since ancient times.


Soft drinks [general health drinks]




1 box 50mL 1 bottle

The legendary herbal preparation "Soma" is revived with modern science!

Based on the idea that "beauty comes from health," AYURMASTER has scientifically verified the power of herbs that have been around since ancient times and have unlimited potential.

"Soma" herbal drink was born under the AYURMASTER brand as a comprehensive health drink that exquisitely blends 40 traditional Ayurvedic herbs in a form that is easy to incorporate into your daily life.

We have repeatedly improved and obtained a patent to maximize the ability of the whole body to maintain beauty and health. *1

*1 Patent No. 5935103

Healthy drinking water characterized by being used for anti-aging purposes and beauty promoting purposes by removing wastes and toxins and activating cells throughout the body.


【I recommend this hotel】

- Feeling of decline due to age

・I want to maintain beauty and health

- Concerned about imbalance

- Interested in esthetics and yoga

Recommended intake method

①As a guideline, drink 1 to 2 bottles a day.

② Take the herbal supplement Life Boost on a daily basis, and as a special care, take Soma Herbal Drink once a week.

All ingredients

Amla (produced in Bangladesh), morning glory, licorice, Naga pepper, Shatavari, Asagandha, bell tree, Adato dawasika, Kebra pedra, Grape, Cistanche sorrel, Fenugreek, ginger, Kiwet, Oxalis, Azalea terrestris, Tribulus terrestris, Prunus terrestris, Tree phallus, Stereospermum, Formosan occidentalis, Tamatsunagi, Ovafujibogusa, Mosbean, Teramnus labialis, Eurasian chinensis, Japanese water lily, Hazenoki, Sanna, Naha valerian, water lily, Koxitan, Marubanohoroshi, epiphytic orchid, cardamom, Ceylon tetsubo, Ceylon daylily , Tamara Nikkei, Ellagic acid (plant-based), Honey

Nutritional information display

Nutrition information: Energy 12.5kcal per bottle ( 50mL )
Protein 0.05g
Fat 0g
Carbohydrate 3.10g
Salt equivalent amount 0.01g


Q. When should I take it?

A. If you have a sensitive stomach, we recommend taking it before meals, but if you have a sensitive stomach, we recommend taking it after meals. As with meals, we recommend avoiding it right before bedtime.

Q. How many bottles can I drink per day?

A. Basically, we recommend one bottle a day, but there is no problem if you take up to two to three bottles a day depending on your physical condition.

Q. What will happen if I drink more than that?

There is an optimal intake amount for each herb, so please drink 1 to 3 herbs per day depending on your physical condition.

Q. Is it safe for children to drink?

A. It's okay. This drink is suitable for adults weighing between 60 and 70 kg , so please adjust the amount you drink according to your body weight.

Q. What does it taste like?

A. It has a sour and bitter taste. Even if you find it difficult to drink at first, if you continue to drink it, you will notice changes in your physical condition, such as a stronger bitterness or sourness depending on the day.

Q. It's hard to drink because it's bitter.

A. You can make it easier to drink by diluting it with water, hot water, milk, etc., or adding honey.

Q. Can I mix it with food?

A. It's okay. Some customers also use it as a dressing with olive oil.

Q. How should I drink it?

A. Some people say it's bitter and drink it all at once, but if you're conscious of your health, we recommend drinking slowly, feeling the six flavors with your tongue.

Q. How long should I continue?

A. At first, we recommend that you continue using it for 2 to 3 months while monitoring your condition, and then use it in combination with Herbal Bal Supplement Life Boost depending on your physical condition.We recommend that you continue using it for as long as possible.

Q. Can I save it after opening?

A. Since no preservatives are used, please drink immediately after opening.

Q. What is the difference from Rasayana?

A. Regarding the ingredients, there is no difference in herbal ingredients between the two. Rasayana contains sucrose (sugar) and soma contains a little honey. Also, Rasayana is a concentrated extract that has been concentrated to 20mL. Soma is not concentrated. However, the amount of herbs used is the same.