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Operating company

About the operating company “Ichiban Life Co., Ltd.”

We are researchers in longevity science and Ayurveda. Based on the "cell rejuvenation" research at Yokohama City University, we are conducting research and development of beauty, health and longevity products that combine cutting-edge life science and oriental wisdom "Ayurveda".

Our entrepreneurial philosophy is a scientific spirit that emphasizes objective data and excludes all compromises. This is a concept that also applies to futuristic medical care. We would like to contribute to promoting the beauty and health of middle-aged and elderly people and realizing a comfortable, long-lived society.

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Representative Director Dai Ayuzawa (Ayusawa Dai)

Date of birth: May 10 , 1948

Current position: Yokohama City University Professor Emeritus/Visiting Professor

Visiting Professor, National Unani & Ayurvedic Medical University, Dhaka

Ichiban Life Co., Ltd. Representative Director

[Specialty] Longevity, aging biology, longevity science, Ayurveda, cell biology, molecular genetics


1972 Graduated from Department of Agricultural Chemistry (Enzymology Laboratory), Faculty of Agriculture, University of Tokyo

1977 Doctoral course, Agricultural Chemistry, University of Tokyo

(Applied Microbiology Research Institute Enzyme Department) Completed (Doctor of Agriculture)

1977 Researcher, Saitama Cancer Center Research Institute

1985 Visiting Researcher, National Institute of Radiation Medicine, Science and Technology Agency

1985 Visiting Research Fellow, Royal Cancer Research Institute (ICRF)

1986 Senior Researcher, Saitama Cancer Center Research Institute

1988 Associate Professor, Department of Molecular Genetics, National Institute of Genetics

1989 Assistant Professor, Enzyme Department, Institute of Applied Microbiology, University of Tokyo (reassignment)

(Currently Molecular Information Department, Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology)

1989 Associate Professor, Molecular Genetics Research Division, National Institute of Genetics (concurrent appointment)

1994 Professor, Department of Biochemistry, Kihara Institute for Biological Studies, Yokohama City University

2009 Yokohama City University, Graduate School of Life Nanosystem Science, Eternal Youth and Longevity Laboratory, Professor

           (Currently Longevity Science Laboratory)

2010 Govt. Unani & Ayurvedic Medical College, Dhaka, Visiting Professor

2014 Yokohama City University Professor Emeritus/Visiting Professor